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Our Forestry Services

Forest Mulching

Forestry mulching transforms overgrown vegetation such as trees, brush and fallen branches into a natural, eco-friendly top layer of ground cover.

Our process does away with the requirement for numerous pieces of machinery including bulldozers, excavators, tree shears, wood chippers, grinders, and hauling equipment. With Northern Woodscaping mulching uses a single machine to chop, grind, and remove vegetative growth, trees and brush, leaving a mulched layer behind. This protective organic layer is allowed to decompose and be returned into the soil, enriching and improving its fertility. A natural protective barrier is created over the soil by the biodegradable top layer (mulch), which stabilizes the ground, stops erosion, and promotes the growth of native plants.



  • Forestry mulching is quick and affordable.
  • Mulching can be performed on any terrain and in any weather.
  • The process of forestry mulching produces zero waste and is eco-friendly.
  • The tick population can be greatly reduced with proper mulching.
  • Forestry mulching requires no permits.
  • Forestry mulching hinders the growth of weeds.
  • Mulch is the most natural way to nourish the soil.
  • Creating usable forested lands for walking and ATV trails, shooting ranges, and cross-country ski trails. 
  • Prevents overgrowth on private roads



  • Commercial and residential land owners
  • Local plant and insect species as forestry mulching provides invasive species control
  • Local wildlife thanks to effective habitat management

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Brush Clearing

Here in Maine,  a property will quickly become overgrown with trees and brush if it hasn’t been used for a while.

Property owners will often spend weeks or months using up their valuable time to get the job done by hand only to have to turn around within a year or two and start all over again without ever having even addressed some of the larger problems needing attention. More often than not, clearing all of the debris away can mean hiring a professional.

Determining the Size of a Project

Depending on exactly what needs to be removed from your land, the size of a brush clearing project can vary greatly. The job may be much simpler if you’re just going to be clearing away some smaller plants and brush and not much else. But, larger projects involving larger debris such as fallen trees, large rocks, and stumps will probably take more than a homeowner can do without a fleet of special equipment.

A professional can help you  assess the area and come up with a plan to best suit the needs of the property owner.